5 Best Free VPN Softwares For Your Windows Pc


.Sometimes it is good for us to stay anonymous from the outside world on the internet, like for your own safety you have to sometime change your Ip address to some other country Ip so that you can do your work anonymously.
It can be any kind of work, like if you want to download something from a torrent , then, in that case, you have to change your IP because in most of the country Torrent is Ban, So to Change the IP you have to download a VPN and just Turn it On and set back and relax


So In this blog post, you will get to know about 5 Best Free VPN Software For Your Windows PC. like there is a lot of software out there in the market but the thing is many of them are very good but not free, the below listed 5 software are totally free for your and you can use it as much as you want up to a limit. And if you want to avoid the limitation for that VPN I personally suggest you go and purchase their premium subscription.

 5 Best Free VPN Softwares For Your Windows Pc

  1. HotSpot Shield

    Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular VPN which has been used by many people over the years and the best thing about it that you can get IP of any country you want specifically. like if you want to use IP for Russia then you just have to select the country and you will be set for the IP of Russia.
    You can become completely Anonymous with the help of this software and if you want to increases the security for yourself then you can also add some proxy layers so that no one can track your IP easily.
    But the thing is all Free things are not always Free the catch in the software is that it will force you to install some extension and it will change the homepage of your browser and for some reason, you might also get to see some annoying ads on your main browsers.
  2. Betternet
    This is some sought of Similar to HotSpot Shield, This is also a well know VPN which will help you to become totally Anonymous from the world. But this is very less complex as compared to HotSpot Shield you can just active this VPN just by a single click, Once it connects you can easily surf your favorite website without any hiccups.

    This software is available for both Free and premium subscription version. There are multiple security layers in the premium subscription as compare to the free plan like you can stay way more anonymous in the premium subscription plan as compare to the free plan, but as it says it is a premium subscription that means it is not free it has more charges.

  3. Hide.me
    If I start from the bottom then. I can say that this company is based in Malaysia. And their sub branched which has free servers, they are located in Netherland, Singapore, and Canada. The bad thing about this Software is that. Their services are limited to only one single device. And the best part of this software is that. It offers you the strong privacy and guesses what It will not show you those annoying ads.
    This Software is also Available for the free and paid version. The difference between both of them is the free version offers you only 2GB data use for a month. And the paid version will offer you unlimited uses. But on the other hand, paid one is also costly! , so chose your decision very perfectly!
  4. Spotflux
    This is also one of 5 Best Free VPN Softwares For Your Windows Pc. But the same thing is with this software that it also supported by ads. I would personally say that this software is best. For those people who are into regular downloading stuff and streaming regular online videos. Spotflux like other VPN encrypts your connection. And allow you to visit any website or any links anonymously with multiple layers on your original IP.
  5. Speedify
    As we know, when a VPN encrypt our connection. And hide our original IP. And put multiple layers of IP. So that our original IP will be hidden from the outside world. But in this process when the VPN enables. You will suffer from a very low-speed connection because your true speed has been sucked by multiple layers of IPs.
    So by thinking this point in mind. Speedify has built up their own VPN software. Which gives you way more high speed then compare to other VPN out there. As the name itself gives the hint “Speed”. So this was the only positive point about this software. And the other things like paid and free version and ads. Everything is totally the same as other VPN software.

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So, These were the Top 5 Best Free VPN Softwares For Your Windows Pc. Tell me in the comment section Which one you are going to install today. If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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