Amazing Facts About PUBG That You Don’t Know

Amazing Facts About PUBG

PUBG which basically stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds I guess you guys at least know the full form of PUBG like PUBG was getting so much of a promotion that nobody was even bothered about to know the actual meaning of PUBG.

So, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the biggest Battle Royale game , but most exciting thing about it PUBG was never that much popular when it was newly released for PCs , one of the main reason for it must be because it was paid game like you have to pay an amount of approx 15$ to get PUBG and play it with your friends who already has brought it . PUBG got into the limelight when they finally launch the PUBG Mobile which was free for all the users across the globe, and because it was Free everyone started playing it and spends countless hours in it.

Come to think of it isn’t this was an Amazing Fact About PUBG was never famous until and unless the Game was finally released for Mobile, So today in this Blog post we will tell you about more Amazing Facts About PUBG That You Don’t Know.

Amazing Facts About PUBG That You Don’t Know

  • Good News For XBox One X

    So Finally there is good news for Xbox Gamers PUBG is Finally coming to Xbox one X , So basically the thing is PUBG has Patented with Mircosoft as a Distributor, Like we all know that Xbox is very well known for their graphics quality , So the PUBG Xbox Version will have the best Cinematic Graphics as compare to other consoles .

    Xbox lovers

  • Good News for PS4 Users -Rumored
    This news was leaking around many Forums that Sony is trying to bring PUBG for their PS4 users so that they can also enjoy as much as other consoles user are having, but this thing is still a rumored nobody is certainly sure about it that Sony is going to bring PUBG for their PS4 users or not.
  • You can record 3D replays
    Like if you have played GTA 5 you know it better, that they have their own video editor in which you can make cinematic videos in 3D like you can replay your stunts and actions scenes and make it more cinematic , same like that PUBG also have a 3D replay mode in which you can replay your gameplay in all kind of views, 3rd Person view, FPS view and everything you want.PUBG 3d View
  • PUBG was Never Made for Mobile
    PUBG which is basically better known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was firstly Developed for Steam users in AUG 2017 and it was never Free for the Steam User till now and now it is still not Free on Steam but all of a Sudden PUBG release thier Mobile Version Called as PUBG Mobile which is Free for All Mobile devices and because it free of cost this game become way more popular then it was expected .PUBG was Never Made for Mobile

More Facts About PUBG

    Whenever you Won a match in PUBG. Which Means you Stand on the First Position by defeating all other 99 contestants. A Message will Pop Up on your Screen which will say “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”. Like all the other Battle Royale Game, this game also shows a message when you finally win the match. As by the Sentance you can guess what it actually means. It says that you are the WINNER WINNER now, with the Winning prize you can Finally Afford a CHICKEN. For your DINNER.
  • PUBG UNbelievable World Record
    PUBG Literally Set A World Record. For the most number of players Simultaneous Playing PUBG at once. Which beats the Record of Valve Dota 2 by 1,342,857 Players online at once.
  • What are the Best Vehicles In PUBG!?
    Instead of running here and there in an open World by foot. The best way to cover more land is Drive around. And if you are a good Driver you must have to know the best Vehicles in PUBG. So that you can comfortably Ride them. Dacia is the best Car with which you can Drive around. Providing you high Speed and Protecting to take Cover and Cable of carrying 4 people at a time. Motorcycles are the fastest way to move from one place to another. If you want to reach far places in less time. Then you are chasing for a DROP. Then you must go with a motorcycle. But the thing is it can only hold 2 people at a time not good for a Squad though.What are the Best Vehicles In PUBG

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Final Words

So I guess now you have some more Amazing Facts About PUBG In your mind.T ell me in the comment section which one of them was the most interesting fact you never heard of. If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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