Buy Top 5 Best Smartwatches under 10000

Top 5 Best Smartwatches under 10000

The world has become smart these days – and it becomes smarter, minute by minute. Phone are smart, and now, watches are too! Gone are the days when watches just showed time. Now, watches do everything, along with showing time, of course. SmartWatches have gone through some huge developments, capable of serious revolution in near future. While some think getting a SmartWatch can be expensive on their pocket, it is not the case always. Given below are top five of the best smartwatches one can get, that too under 10,000 – quite affordable, these are, with the features as same as those expensive ones!

1) Honor Watch Magic (Moonlight Silver):

Honor Watch Magic is one of the most stylish smartwatches ever, designed with great care and promises a full package of benefits. The SmartWatch nicely balances power consumption and watch efficiency, meaning you can use it to your heart’s content and it would give you an optimal performance. It is an ultra-thin SmartWatch, stylishly sleek, with the stainless steel giving a moonlight silver look. It comes with features such as Scientific Sleep Monitoring, Fitness Monitoring, Information Assistance, Heart rate Monitoring – and so much more! The device is compatible with android and iOS – quite convenient, don’t you think? The UI of this SmartWatch is user-friendly, offering an immersive and easy experience. It is a must-have, obviously.

Price – ₹ 10,400.00

2) Amazfit Huami Bip Touch Screen Smartwatch A1608 (Cinnabar Red):

Amazfit is one of the leading brands in SmartWatches, and this one right here is a godsend. First of all, it has an amazing batter backup, with up to 45 days of battery for single charge. It has a touch screen – it has an anti-finger transflective screen, which is so much better, especially when you are out in the nature or honing your athletic skills. It also has an always-on color display. Calls, messages, Email, and all other social media notifications can be checked through this SmartWatch. It is ridiculously light weight, with the option of multi Sports Tracking – you can track runs, hiking, cycling, among other things. Not only that, but you can also make it map routes and save detailed reports of body stats. Mi Fit, GPS and compass function is an additional bonus features!

Price – ₹ 5,499.00

3) Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch:

Amazfit always arranges for SmartWatches which you can utilize the most. This Multisport SmartWatch are effortless in usage, without compromising the style and performance. Amazfit Pace can work up to 11 days without recharging the battery for standard use, including even 5 days of heavy use. It is even more beneficial for athletes, especially runners, who can track progress with exact accuracy – it is sure to make you remain motivated. Pairing it up with Bluetooth headphones can effortlessly stream music, which can be used during running or doing exercises. It is not only water resistant, but also dust, rain, splashing and accidental resistant. It is the ultimate smartwatch, seamlessly mixing comfort, with technology and fashion.

Price – ₹ 9,999.00


4) MevoFit Race-Thrust ECG-Smart-Watch:

This SmartWatch from MevoFit is one of their strong and durable models., with features stuffed abundantly in it. First of all, not only does it come with activity tracker, sleep, BP, PPG, Sports Mode, but it also has the latest technology ECG function. It continuously monitors your Heart Rate, giving you live updates – you will have to adjust the band tightly on your wrist. The Watch has four sports mode – Walking, Hiking, Running and Cycling; adjust however it suits you. It is water resistant (IP 67), so that you can even use it while running, washing hands, or even during the rainy season. It also can receive calls, SMS and give you access to the notifications of social media. What more do you want?

Price – ₹ 6,990.00

5) Noise ColorFit Pro SmartWatch:

Noise ColorFit Pro SmartWatch is best enough to come in the top 5 best SmartWatches in this field. This watch does everything a smartwatch does, but so much more. You can monitor, firstly, your daily fitness with the options inbuilt in it – Dynamic Heart Rate, Oxygen Level and Sleep monitor, among others. You can also track your Pedometer updates, with the help of the sleek LCD colored display. Not only that, but you can also check on other notifications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. It is IP68 waterproof, meaning it can be deep into water for half an hour – and it still would be as efficiently working as before. It has magnetic charging, easy and efficient.

Price – ₹ 3,999.00


SmartWatch might not feel a necessity for you now, but they are certainly useful in these days. SmartWatches can make your life so much better, with spare time in your hands. Grab your beautiful, hassle-free, and affordable SmartWatch soon!




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