How To Hide Yourself On WhatsApp Without Deleting App


Like its really easy to log out other social media platform and spend some good time for your self, and just sit back and relax but the moment when it comes to WhatsApp you can’t simply log out and spend some good amount of time with yourself.

Nowadays Smartphone is like your second Heart, if you don’t have your Smartphone with you, it’s like your Heart Stop Beating and the Moment you have your Smartphone you will get those annoying Notification Of WhatsApp , and the very second moment you also know that there is no way to log out WhatsApp and Deleting WhatsApp is not an option, because you have also some Important Conversation which you don’t want to get deleted.

Hide Yourself on WhatsApp Without Deleting the App

No Matter how much you try to Avoid those, annoying notification and message the moment you are Online, it will show your Last seen to those people whom you are trying to avoid, and don’t want to Start a conversation with them.

Those Pople who are unaware and have no knowledge about this there is one easiest way to get rid of those Annoying messages and Hide Yourself on Whatsapp Without Deleting Application , For this you just have to download some third part Application which will let you hide your Last seen and it will also let the user deny the internet connectivity for a certain amount of time , but the thing is easiest way are not the best  way ever, to install that third-party app you have to root your Smartphone

To be very Clear we do not promote any kind of third-party Application on our website this blog post is totally for learning purpose that’s why I haven’t mentioned even the name of the applications. For more information do read our Privacy Policy.

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So What’s the Solution for this problem so that you can easily get rid of those Annoying Notification and Messages you are getting from Whatsapp, So don’t Worry Just Sit Back and read the Blog post to the very end and you will get the best perfect solution for How to Hide yourself on Whatsapp without Deleting Application .

Tips To Hide Yourself On WhatsApp

Hide Yourself On WhatsApp Without Deleting App

  •   Mute Whatsapp Sound :

    Like if you want to mute the notification and ringtone of WhatsApp video call or audio call, you don’t have any option but to silent your smartphone which will not make the work done because you can not even attend your regular calls and messages.

    So the easiest hack for this problem is to record a silent ringtone of like 3-4 sec. like just pin drop silence audio recording, then you just have to set that recording as the WhatsApp Notification Tone and WhatsApp Video as well as Audio Call Ringtone. Then you won’t get distracted from the Annoying Whatsapp Notifications and Calls.

  • Disable WhatsApp Notification :

    Like the simplest way to avoid all those Annoying WhatsApp, messages Call is to just TURN OFF the Notification of WhatsApp, form your Smartphone Setting.

    Just Go to Setting > Notification > All Apps > Select Whatsapp then Turn Off All kind of Notification for WhatsApp like vibrations, pop up notifications, normal notification and all.

  • STOP WhatsApp Using your Data

    Until and Unless you Force Stop Whatsapp it will be running in the background and sucking your some little amount of data and you have no idea about it like to avoid this you have to forcefully Stop Whatsapp, To do so you have to go to your Setting > Application > Select Whatsapp and Kill Whatsapp from there Forcefully Then it won’t use your any kind of extra data.

Final Words

So these were Some Tips how can you get Rid of those Annoying Whatsapp Notification and messages of yours. If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff, Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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