Now Smartphone Will Be Charged With WiFi Signal, Learn how ?

Charge Smartphone with WiFi

We Generally use WiFi for Internet purpose only but the thing is Apart from that now, Technology is increasing day by day and so we are. So in this blog post, I am going to tell you Apart from internet purpose in future there will be one more use of the Internet.

You can use the WiFi whenever you have it. Most people use WiFi for internet only but do you know that the coming time you can not only run the Internet from WiFi but also You can also charge your phone with this. It sounds very strange to hear but the scientists have done this in reality.

Now Smartphone Will Be Charged With WiFi Signal

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have achieved a major success in this direction. Researchers showed a device charging with WiFi signals. US-based MIT researchers used several Retina to convert WiFi signals into electricity, which is a special type of antenna. According to the information, this special antenna ac gets electromagnetic rays, including WiFi rays.

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Let I tell you that if this technology works properly. Then you will not need to charge your phone repeatedly. In the future, because every time you connect your phone to WiFi. It will start charging automatically and You do not have to connect it to the charger.

In order to continuously upgrade the smartphone. Such research is being done that in the coming day’s smartphones can be made more Hi-Tech. And it will also be able to meet the needs of the common man. After this technology comes, all the Smartphone users present in India and around the world will benefit greatly.

Final Words

So tell me how many of you are actually excited about this technology because I am super pumped up to hear that this is going to happen in real, do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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