All Official Colors For Samsung Galaxy S10

Offical Colors of Samsung s10
What’s up guys and it’s all here we have the official press images of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. Not only that we get to look at all the official colors that will be available at launch. So that includes the Emerald Green Color, Pearl White Color, and your usual Black Color. Along with these official images we also have some official information, so Galaxy S10 is indeed coming at 6.1inches S10 plus is coming at 6.4inches. Both are quad HD displays. We have a dual Punch hole on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus because it has two front cameras while the Galaxy S10 just has a Single Punch Hole for that single front camera. Now, where’s the back we have three cameras in a horizontal position along with the LED flash and heart rate sensor. We’ve got an ultra-wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and a normal wide-angle lens. If you look at the button placement the power key is indeed placed higher compared to the Bixby Key and again that is to prevent the accidental big suppresses the design overall looks amazing, like this is definitely very very futuristic looking phone but then, of course, there is still the chin right there. It does stand out because these side bezel of the Galaxy and S10 Plus are extremely minimal. In comparison, the chin on the galaxy s 10 is actually on par with the other phones such as the iPhone X and it’s actually a little bit slimmer than the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. But overall this is just an incredibly futuristic design in my opinion.
With all this amazing stuff happening these films still Rock a headphone jack. For that, I have a mad level of respect for Samsung. For keeping their words, they made fun of apple but this stick to their words. They didn’t back off, they didn’t lose the headphone jack with their flagship phones, they are still rocking and it’s just overall an amazing flagship release.

Samsung Galaxy S10 All Colors


Samsung Galaxy S10 all colors
If you look at the Color the Emerald green, Pearl white, and Black colors. Will be the three colors that will be available at launch. Offer that, will see more colors in the future. Especially the blue version of the Galaxy S10 families. There will be a yellow color as well. That is said to be exclusive to the Galaxy S10 lite. Which is sadly not been included in this league. So hopefully we’ll see the league regarding the S10 lite soon. Because that one is said to have two cameras on the back and a flat infinity display. Instead of an edge infinity display. And it also said to rock the finger scanner on the side instead of inside the display. So that is also a difference there. So hopefully, we’ll see some leaks regarding the Galaxy S10 lite as well. All in all, this is your official press images look let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery

We got some battery leaks that might be slightly less exciting the size for the s10 in the report is set to be 3300 mAh instead of 3500 and 4000 mAh for the s10 plus instead of 4100 mAh and 3000 mAh for the S10 lite instead of 3100. So slightly lower battery sizes again we’ll see the actual batteries as it’s pretty soon as we are approaching the official and mailing day. But even with these battery sizes, I expect the Galaxy S10 family to perform better compared to the last year, because of the latest generation 7 nanometers Snapdragon 855 Chip /Exynos 9820. These babies will be very friendly.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Storage

Also very soon you will be seeing the first actual One Terabyte Storage Samsung Smartphone. Samsung now masses producing eUFS 2.1 based on terabyte storage. There’s a very high chance that we could see it inside of the 5g Galaxy S10 model which is coming somewhere in March or it could be inside of the Foldable phone. If not these two products and we can definitely expect to happen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 later down the year. After all the note nine was the first phone that had the full ability to go one terabyte because Samsung offered a 512 gigabyte model of the galaxy note 9 and with note 10 Samsung can actually offer a full on one terabyte note 10 variant. And again it’s not just the storage increase the read and writes speeds are really fast

Samsung Galaxy 5G Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S10
Well now speaking of 5g Galaxy S10 once again a new rumor points to a 3d TOF sensor. The 5g model will rock an extra 3d camera sensor on the back in addition to the already grade three cameras. This will be for AR and VR purposes you’ll be able to create your own argument reality, for example trying out new clothes in AR, 3d face mapping. That will be much accurate as well things like that. The camera is already packed with features we have a wide-angle, ultra wide-angle as well as a telephoto lens. I think it’s more than enough to play with but in addition to this TOF sensor it’s gonna be one beastly combination and it’s exclusive to the 5g galaxy s 10 plus.
Thanks to a new Bluetooth certification a brand new galaxy earbuds could be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S10. The galaxy bugs will have more storage, as well as more RAM, compared to the gear icon egg. Also, Samsung has built a brand new ISO cell d32 camera sensor. That can be used with phones. Who will utilize the full-screen design especially the whole design. The specialty with the sensor is that. It is incredibly small and is built
for the future smartphone design offers a resolution of 20 megapixels for both front and back sensors.

According to Samsung, this new i/o cell d32 sensor will be in mass production in the first quarter of this year. So a smaller sensor means that the whole could get smaller in size for the future Samsung flagship phones. As well as with the future Samsung mid-range phones.

And finally, we have to talk about this in new Samsung patent via Let’s digital is out. That shows a foldable tablet with d-pad and keys giving you a controller for the gaming setup. When it’s folded it’s like a normal tablet. But if you unfold it can become an even larger tablet With the controller. It’s almost like a full of a console with this own controller. Specifically for mobile gaming as we have seen that games on the mobile platform are getting better and better. So this thing can actually be a great product for some future time. It’s a very interesting inside of what could happen if Samsung really push is foldable technology. I mean these are some really innovative ideas that could make more sense in the future. Samsung is about to get announce, the Galaxy S10 family in San Francisco February 20th.


So the Leaks and the rumors About the Samsung Galaxy S10 Colors were almost true. So Let me know in the comment box about the color suggestion which color you are waiting for the most. If you want Daily based some Good Tech Tips, and Some Cool Smartphone related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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