Sony Xperia XZ4 Beats Galaxy S10 In Benchmarks

Sony Xperia XZ4 Beats Galaxy S10
What’s up Geeky People Ashutosh here! So Sony’s new flagship the Xperia XZ4 for will come with a tall 21:9 display. This is the first time that any company is releasing a device with that aspect ratio. Now Ice Universe bag to give us a demo of the viewing experience through this device. He seems to have plastered the screen protector to mark a screen of a 21:9 aspect ratio while playing a sample video in an effort to show what watching videos on this device’s display will be like.
Sony Xperia XZ4 Beats Galaxy S10Credit For Image:- OnLeaks

Most movies are made in 21:9 format, so the XZ4 will offer the perfect way to experience movies on a Smartphone. Without those annoying black bars as demonstrated by this video.B ut frankly, I’m not particularly sure about the actual usability of such a tall display there has not been a 21:9 Smartphone so far, so I can’t comment on how it found with this white of an aspect ratio will look like in real life. I’ll guess we’ll find out next month as Sony is launching it at Mobile World Congress.

 Xperia XZ4 Benchmark With Record Numbers

According to a new benchmark score on Antutu, the Xperia XZ4 is gonna be a true
powerhouse. The score came in at an impressive 395721 which is significantly more than any device out there including the latest iPhones. To put that in perspective leak galaxy S10 score topped out at 3602292. You might be wondering since the Xperia XZ4 and the galaxies tend both are using the same chipset which is the Snapdragon 855 then how come the scores are so different.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Benchmark

Benchmark for S10

Xperia XZ4 Benchmark

Benchmark for XZ4

Well, there could be a lot of reasons. Thermal throttling is one of them may be the galaxy S10 probably was too hot or drew too much power in the test, so they might have throttled that. Then the testing guys can test while the software and hardware guys figure things out in time for the launch. That’s the reason these go very once the device gets released. Also, Sony versions of the same CPU tend to run slightly faster than the Samsung versions because Sony keeps it really close to stock. It’s part of their strategy to facilitate maintenance and upgrades. Samsung has more stuff running. The difference isn’t usually that big of a deal though. It’s just numbers that you won’t really notice in real life. Modern phones are more than capable enough so these scores don’t really matter in your regular usage.

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So I guess Till Now you people must be also Waiting for the Sony XZ4 and it really is going to give a tough call to Samsung. Tell me in the comment Section About Sony Xperia XZ4 Beats Galaxy S10 In Benchmarks.Did Sony Really beat Samsung? If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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