Top 5 Upcoming Smartphone In 2019 [Anticipated Phones]


If we particularly talk about 2018 in India. It was a blast year with New Smartphone Coming Soon. and I should also mention a revolutionary year in the Smartphone industry. Because we got to see such an amazing thing which we have only dreamed of. Like the ON-Screen FingerPrint Scanner, or Helio New Processor or the new Notch Style Trend. Or at the very End of the year, Samsung got the Market Hike with Quad Camera Phone In such a low budget Category.
So I guess every Tech enthusiast is now excited for the upcoming year. And waiting for the surprise what it is going to bring with it. But Today in this blog we are going to talk about the TOP 5 Upcoming Smartphone In 2019. And let’s hope these smartphones we stand our expectation.

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphone In 2019

  1. Samsung Galaxy F (2019)
    For years we were hearing the rumors about the foldable Smartphone, But we can finally give a break to our breathing because this year Samsung is finally going to release their very own first Foldable Smartphone which they named it as Samsung Galaxy F.
    According to the rumors Galaxy F is going to have 7.3inche of Full display when the device is fully Open (Not Folded), And when it is folded it is good as a normal Smartphone of 4.6inches.Samsungs Galaxy F
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10
    In our list of TOP 5 Upcoming Smartphone In 2019, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plays a Major Role As we all are very well aware of the S series of Samsung which is the breaking and Top Notch Flagship Smartphone of The Company, So it is general to think about the Samsung S10 Coming this year with new technology and new surprise in the box. So we should expect two Amazing Smartphone from Samsung this Year. The Trio Camera Rumors is flying around the market for this specific device, and many an also say that it will be powered by Snapdragon 855 and with an in-built fingerprint sensor.Samsung Galaxy S10
  3.  Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
    If I personally Talk about Xiaomi it might now be well Populated across the globe but it’s the best in class in the Asia Region, However Xiaomi Devices are well known for two reasons one for their high specification and Second for high specification with low price.
    So this time they are coming up with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 which one of the best bezel-free smartphones, the things which are going around in the market about this phone is that this smartphone will contain 10GB of RAM and even supports 5G Network.

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3UPCOMING MOBILE IN INDIA 2018 UNDER 15000

  4. OnePlus 7
    Like to be very honest OnePlus is my personal Favourite Company from the past couple of year because of the price range and the high end specification of the smartphone , The best thing about the OnePlus is that every flagship phone they try to improve the Speed even a millisecond Speed counts for them “Feel The Speed ” So good to be true.
    This year I guess Oneplus is going to Work on their Camera Performance this is the only one area which it gets lagged behind compare to other Flagship Smartphone.OnePlus 7 TheGeekyArena
  5. Razer Phone 3
    Good News for all the games out there. This year also Razer has Planned to Launch their Gaming Smartphone Razer Phone 3. With a lot of improvement in view of the gaming aspect. Like we all know Razer is well known for their frame-rates display which is super Sharp. I can’t really expect many things from this Smartphone. Apart from Gaming performance which Razer will work and improve more and more.. But had no expectation in other things like Camera and UI and all. Still,l nobody knows who give surprise at which moment. Above were some New Mobile Phones with price has not been disclosedRazer Phone 3

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So I Guess like me you people are also excited for this year. So Here was a short article on Top 5 Upcoming Smartphone In 2019. Tell me in the comment section Which Smartphone you guys are Waiting for the most. If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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