Upcoming iPhone XI 2019 [9 Month Early Look ]

Upcoming iPhone XI 2019
What’s up guys and welcomes to breaking news that I was not expecting at all. Even in my wildest dreams, all these OnLeaks just drop the iBomb on all of us according to this league, it’s the first early look of the 2019 iPhone 11. Yes, Onleaks we all know that his leaks are based on the factory cat info and pretty much he is very spot on as we have seen in the past. But this is way too early nine months before the iPhone 2019 launch.
Onleak tweet's about iphone XI
He has shocked all of us by leaking the early Coming iPhone 11 2019 look. And OH MY GOD! Someone went to Huawei it’s like they did actually Mate 20 pro camera and put it on their iPhones top left corner. So as you can see it is having a big triple camera setup something we already know from the leaks and reports that’s going to happen. And now this kind of follows up on that three sensors with an LED flash. It’s a square look with the middle camera going a bit on the right with LED flash above it. Everything is positioned non linearly. The third camera here is expected to be for the 3D AR it said to be a time of flight sensor.

 iPhone XI Camera

According to Bloomberg report, Sony will be manufacturing the 3d camera sensor for Apple for is 2019 iPhone models and it’s going to be implemented on both front and back cameras. Apple logo is still there and the back is made up of glass. The power key can be seen on the right. It’s having the same size as the current iPhone.
The rest of the look it’s pretty similar to what iPhones are right. Now what I , see this is funny I mean, I would love to hear your thoughts about this now only has a great record but, this is still way too early 9 months early look. Only explains that the 2019 iPhones are still in engineering validation test aka EVD stage. And there could be changes in the details when the iPhones get launched in September of this year.
iPhone XI Leaked Pic
As for the display design Apple is stick to the notch. It’s not gonna hop on to this whole bandwagon. That is going on it’s a but it could get smaller. A new report has to be believed according to this report. Apple could bring one iPhone with USB type-c a smaller notch and a touch ID under the display. yes touch ID can come back which is a huge possibility since Samsung will be providing Apple with their special OLED display.
I wish they can implement if they’re in display touch ID scanner. Certainly, Apple is going through some rough times the sales are down in 2018. Not many people are upgrading because the new iPhones are super over price. And they are sticking to their current model. This very same report from the sleeks is that, the next iPhone 11 model the iPhone 11 max could go even more expensive.

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Again we’ll see about that but, let me know about this huge breaking news indeed. 9 months early we have the iPhone 11 look. What do you think about this mega League? Can it actually challenge the mighty Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus?


So I guess Upoming iPhone XI 2019 model is going to bring a fire in Apple Fanboys after reading this Article. Tell me in the comment section for what you guys are waiting for most in Upcoming iPhone XI 2019 Model. If you want Daily based some Good Tips, Hacks and Some Cool Tech related Stuff Do follow our Blog post regular TheGreekyArena.


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